ParasN2000 is a popular Australian user on TheTopTens. He is a big fan of music, and he is not just popular on TheTopTens, but also on other websites like IMDB and YouTube. Paras is a hardworking user and is also known to be very friendly.


Member Score: 547

Lists: 1,460

Followers: 148


Remixes: 1,606


His lists are very varied, and he is also known to make a lot of Australian related lists.

Paras is a very popular person on other websites. On IMDB he is a experienced member and has put in a lot of effort for his reviews, lists and ratings. His profile can be seen here. On YouTube, he has over 90 subscribers and makes Minecraft videos. His highest video has a whopping 23,000 views. His last video hasn't been for 2 years, and in recent months, he has mentioned that he is thinking on making another video, even if it isn't Minecraft. His account can be seen here.

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